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The fortress of Peschiera del Garda

Discover the suggestive corners and the historic background of our beautiful City through the modern audioguide made from the Office in 9 different languages to use them for free with the download on your Smartphone with QRCODE ( or you can rent the digital audioguide at the Infopoint in Peschiera Piazzale Betteloni).

Peschiera is fortress romain, Castle and the rock Scaligera, fortress ramparts of the republic Veneta from fivehundred, fortress Napoleonic, stronghold habsburg of the legendary quadrolatero. In just a few cities you can find the fundamental ages of the fortress: Peschiera del Garda is one the them, in 2017 the venice walls became heritage of the humidity e site UNESCO.

This itinerary starts from the west parking place of the fortress at Porta Brescia (1551): from there you can see the impressive castle defended by the pit of the king, the right branch of the River Mincio that is the set of channels running all around the perimeter of the walls pentagonal. From here you can cross the bridge of Porta Brescia, project from Anton Maria Lorgna von 1760-1770, to enter in the fortress. From here you continue and you arrive in front of the immense armed Military Hospital from the austrian-hungarian period shellproof built in 1866, converted in the military jail after the second world war, today it is the “Caserne XXX Maggio”. This was in our times one the most important Military Jails in Italy.

You can book in advance the prison tour XXX Maggio every day at the Infopoint and the price is 9,- Euro per person, to discover all the hided secrets in this magnificent structure that is close for public until today.  From that square that opens in front of the XXX Maggio, today square Ferdinando di Savioa, with the church of San Martino, patron of Peschiera, the excavations Romans of the ancient arlilica ( I-IV second a. C.) continuing to the south side you reach the complex of the rock, fort lane roman, fortified by scaliger and renovated during the venetian as Arsenal. From his impressive entrance seventeenth-century you can look at the bottom of the courtyard, the portal knight of the rock, built in 1575: in the underground knight you can still see the remains of the castle scaligero. From the it goes on to the bridge of volponi of that overlooks the middle of the channel: from above you can see a breathtaking view on Peschiera and Mincio.

To continue of the left side you will reach the square Austrian-hungarian, today Parco Catullo with …     completely renewed and open for the public. There

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The fortress of Peschiera del Garda

The fortress of Peschiera del Garda

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