The Amenities at San Benedetto Village

to relax with your family

take advantage of a variety services suitable to spend a pleasant holiday. We also want to satisfy our clients to choose a good restaurant in the city, to organize escursions and many things to do in your leisure time. Animation, games, water gym, sport they'll give you a shot of energy!

other services for your vacation

  • Beaches


    From the lakeside outings of the camping village you will find a beach and a large rushes, a natural oasis for lake's fauna such as swans, mallards, coots, grebes, frogs, etc. You will then find a beautiful panoramic promenade with which you can easily reach the center of Peschiera, and going towards Sirmione instead, you will find the Bracco Baldo Beach, a fully equipped beach for your furry friend.

  • Reception - open H24

    Reception - open H24

    We are here for you H24. Our receptionists are always available, and will answer the phone at any time of the day for any need, from the most important and urgent to simple directions.

  • Book crossing library - magazine and books

    Book crossing library - magazine and books

    We have created a small "library" where you can get free newspapers, magazines and books, even for children. The regulation of our library is simple: if you want to keep the book and continue reading at home you have to leave another one, owned by you, that you have already read!

  • Allianz


    San Benedetto Camping and Village thanks to Allianz Insurance gives you the opportunity to protect your booking from any kind of unexpected! You can add a "Stay Insurance" before 24:00 the day after the booking confirmation.
    Did you pay before your arrival? CLICK HERE
    Did you pay the whole stay before your arrival? CLICK HERE

  • WiFi - very extensive network coverage

    WiFi - very extensive network coverage

    In the search for an always better service, because being connected and "social" especially on holiday is a "must", we spread the fiber optic inside the camping village. Here you find the coverage map and at the reception there are different connection packages, for the different needs of our users.

  • Laundry - washing machines and tub

    Laundry - washing machines and tub

    In the village there are two laundry rooms: one with two coin-operated washing machines, a hand-washing tub and an ironing board, the other with two washers and a tumble dryer, and two tubs for the laundry. handwash. There is also a soap dispenser ... nothing is a problem when on holiday!

  • Safe


    There is a safe at the reception for deposits of values, an absolutely free service.